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  1. Did I understand correctly that the Eclectic Education Series includes curriculum for K-12 grades all together?
     Yes, that's correct, it's a one-time purchase. The Ray's Arithmetic CD includes books for all 12 grades, and all of the CD's provided in the Eclectic Education Series start with basic materials for the beginning grades and work their way up, with the exception of the Science CD, which starts at a more advanced level for obvious reasons.

  2. Can the Eclectic Education Series be used with the Robinson Curriculum?
     Yes, the combined use of the EES and RC is a very effective formula, they work very well together. For instance the RC needs a math program to be used with it, and the Ray's Arithmetic supplies that need. Also while the RC supplies a great many wonderful autobiographies and close up looks at history from people who were leaders of their time, it lacks books to provide a broader perspective and overview, which is a role the Thalheimer's Histories in the EES fill admirably.
     One of the wonderful things about homeschooling is that children learn to love reading. The RC and EES both provide wonderful books for these homeschooled children who are eager to learn.

  3. I have an old version of the EES, how can I upgrade?
    The current version of the EES is 2.1.0, if you have a previous version you may wish to upgrade. Upgrades cost $10 per disk, E-mail us with a request for an upgrade along with your name and address, we'll send you a bill via paypal upon verifying that you are a past customer, and when you have payed, we will send you the upgraded CD.

  4. Do your math and science CD's include answer keys for the problems/questions? 
     Yes, the math CD provides problems along with the answer key's; the Science CD focuses on teaching the subjects, it does have some example problems and there are answers for these, but in the Nature Study book for instance most of the 'problems' are more essay style questions to show what you have learned, and the answer key is the book itself.

  5. I want to order, but I don't have a paypal account. How do I order?
     You don't have to have a paypal account to buy the CD, if you click on the paypal button you will be taken to a page with two choices on it, to log into paypal on the right or to click "Continue" to use a credit or debit card on the left. Paypal then will simply process your credit card like any other system. If you would rather order over the phone, you can reach us at 1-517-304-4844. If you would like to mail in your order, make out a check or money order to Aaron Jagt, and mail it to 3321 Sesame Dr. Howell MI 48843.

  6. Does the Science and History have ANY evolution content at all?
     No, the books don't have any evolution in them. Rather, the books are from a Christian perspective- for instance, Thalheimer's History books are special because of the fact that he wrote them from a firmly Christian perspective, which allows him to talk about events in history which most historians skip over because the most important record from that period is the Bible.

  7. What is the cost is to print each book allowing for paper and printer ink?
    That depends on the printer you use, a good duplex printer will allow you to print for about a penny a page. I would recommend the Brother HL-5250DN, which costs about $250 dollars brand new.

  8. Is it possible to see a sample of the books on CD?
    Certainly, there are a few pages available here: or if you e-mail us at 
     we'll be happy to send you some sample pages.

  9. My son is bored with math and doesn't focus well, will he be able to use Ray's?
    Ray's Arithmetic can be helpful to children bored with traditional math, due to Ray's interesting use of word problems, which help children apply math to life.

  10. Are your Math CD's available for Apple MAC Computers?
    The books on the CD's are PDF files and they will work on any computer; Mac, Vista, XP, Linux, you name it.

  11. The Ray's books that I have found have the answers next to the problems, are they like that on the CD?
    We spent quite a bit of time a couple of years ago removing the answers from next to the problems. We still provide the books with the answers there as well, but we refer to these as "Teachers Editions". There are also Answer Key's supplied for the books which spend time explaining the problems.

  12. For people that have general questions on how to use Ray's
    I always suggest that people join the rays arithmetic forum here if they haven't yet:



"Thank you again for my order.... This is a treasure and I'm glad you are keeping it alive and sharing it."

“By the time a student finishes the Practical Arithmetic book, he/she would be ready to get a job and understand basic financial concepts (not that I expect my 12 year old to go to work, but they could help with the family business and family finances with ease)”
~ Mandi Aumann


Thanks for your help and support.  My children love to do Ray's Arithmetic.  I believe it makes math fun!  Of course, I love math so I am biased.



“Because of your work on the Ray’s CDs, we were able to make our decision to use Ray’s as our math curriculum. Thank you for your time that you have already put into these wonderful, rich programs. We also are using the Robinson Curriculum and are enjoying that as well. “
In Christ,
~Josh and Heather

“Excellent product! Your customer service is also Excellent! Thank You. “

"As a former math teacher at a classical and Christian school, where we used another popular modern math curriculum, we have chosen to use Ray's for the homeschooling of our four children.  Our use during the last four years has proven that Ray's Arithmetic does what a good math program should do; build mastery of mathematical skills and help students to think mathematically (not just memorizing rules or recipes for solving problems).  It does this through focused incremental practice of skills and a variety of practical word problems.  I give it my highest recommendation."

Robert (& Elisabeth) Terry

I bought Sherry Hayes ebook recently and just loved all the practical advice on how to use these materials.  It has given me the confidence to use the entire curriculum.  What a wonderful resource!


"We love the Ray's Arithmetic series  because it provides such a great value!  With heavy use of word problems and "real world" math, and progressing logically from concrete to abstract, this series coversK-8th grades for less than what most programs cost for a single grade."
~Rachel Ramey, homeschooling mother of 3, and more to come!  
"Over the last 23 years of actual homeschooling experience I have tried just about every curriculum and method available, from textbooks to unit studies to Charlotte Mason to the unschooling methodology…. Today, not only the McGuffey Readers Series, but just about every primary subject in our homeschooling is based on or benefited by these dear old volumes and the time-honored practices they promote."
 ~ Sherry Hayes, homeschool mother of 15 children.
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" I am 16 and a happy graduate of the EES curriculum-- I absolutely LOVE it! It is wonderful, a true God-send. When I went to take the GED and the SAT upon my graduation, my scores were superb and well above average. The curriculum gave me a firm foundation and helped me to clearly and realistically grasp the concepts of true education. Nothing was lacking and I give it a full five stars! Thank you very much for all you have done to bring back the beautiful texts and materials which were so unjustly done away with." ~ Erica