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    Part of the Eclectic Education Series

Eclectic Education Series
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  • The importance of History
    History is one of the most important areas of study- not just so that we don't 'repeat the mistakes of the past', but because it enables us to learn about God. Most of the Bible is history, because history allows us to see God at work.
  • The EES History CD
    The History CD is an excellent collection of historical books, including Thalheimer's 6 history books, a rare 3 volume set on Oliver Cromwell, Andrews Constitution, American Poetry, and more.


  •  Thalheimer's Histories
    The main series on the EES History CD, Thalheimer's Histories are really something extraordinary. Some of the major points that make them shine are:

    1. Thalheimer, who was a Christian, wrote the books from a Christian perspective, accepting the Bible as historically factual. This gives the books an incredibly cohesive feeling, since she connects the histories of nations such as Assyria and Babylon with their roles in the Bible.

    2. Thalheimer understood the importance and serious necessity of a thorough knowledge of the past. Her perspective is best displayed by a quote from one of her own books:

    "If we look familiarly into the daily life of our fellow-men thousands of years ago, it is to find them toiling at the same problems which perplex us; suffering the same conflict of passion and principle; failing, it may be, for our warning, or winning for our encouragement; in any case, reaching results which ought to prevent our repeating their mistakes. The national questions which fill our newspapers were discussed long ago in the Grove, the Agora, and the Forum…and no man whose vote...may sway in ever so small a degree the destinies of our Republic, can afford to be ignorant of what has already been so wisely and fully accomplished. Present tasks can only be clearly seen and worthily performed in the light of long experience; and that liberal acquaintance with history which, under a monarchical government, might safely be left as a ornament and privilege to the few, is here the duty of the many."

    Thalheimer’s Ancient History, Preface

    3. The books have all been written in the Eclectic Education Series style- meaning that all of the paragraphs are numbered, allowing for very easy note-taking and reference. At the end of each lesson, review questions are included to aid the teacher in questioning what the student has learned.

  • Will run on any computer.
    The History CD, as well as all the CD's in the EES use PDF files to present the books, which will run on Vista, Mac, or any other operating system. The History CD is designed to be a printing curriculum. In case of torn or damaged pages, the books are easily reprinted. This also allows for easy use over multiple children.


The entire collection of History books from the EES is now available on CD for only $39--- and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If unhappy just return within 30 day's, and we will immediately give you a full refund.

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 Yes! I would like to order the complete EES History collection of 14 books on CD for only $39.00!

The History CD is part of the Eclectic Education Series. The complete selection of books from this series is now available, including books on every subject; Reading, Grammar, Science, Math, History, and more. Read more about this series by clicking here. Purchase the entire series and save $56!




"Thank you again for my order.... This is a treasure and I'm glad you are keeping it alive and sharing it."

“By the time a student finishes the Practical Arithmetic book, he/she would be ready to get a job and understand basic financial concepts (not that I expect my 12 year old to go to work, but they could help with the family business and family finances with ease)”
~ Mandi Aumann


Thanks for your help and support.  My children love to do Ray's Arithmetic.  I believe it makes math fun!  Of course, I love math so I am biased.



“Because of your work on the Ray’s CDs, we were able to make our decision to use Ray’s as our math curriculum. Thank you for your time that you have already put into these wonderful, rich programs. We also are using the Robinson Curriculum and are enjoying that as well. “
In Christ,
~Josh and Heather

“Excellent product! Your customer service is also Excellent! Thank You. “

"As a former math teacher at a classical and Christian school, where we used another popular modern math curriculum, we have chosen to use Ray's for the homeschooling of our four children.  Our use during the last four years has proven that Ray's Arithmetic does what a good math program should do; build mastery of mathematical skills and help students to think mathematically (not just memorizing rules or recipes for solving problems).  It does this through focused incremental practice of skills and a variety of practical word problems.  I give it my highest recommendation."

Robert (& Elisabeth) Terry

I bought Sherry Hayes ebook recently and just loved all the practical advice on how to use these materials.  It has given me the confidence to use the entire curriculum.  What a wonderful resource!


"We love the Ray's Arithmetic series  because it provides such a great value!  With heavy use of word problems and "real world" math, and progressing logically from concrete to abstract, this series coversK-8th grades for less than what most programs cost for a single grade."
~Rachel Ramey, homeschooling mother of 3, and more to come!  
"Over the last 23 years of actual homeschooling experience I have tried just about every curriculum and method available, from textbooks to unit studies to Charlotte Mason to the unschooling methodology…. Today, not only the McGuffey Readers Series, but just about every primary subject in our homeschooling is based on or benefited by these dear old volumes and the time-honored practices they promote."
 ~ Sherry Hayes, homeschool mother of 15 children.
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