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Ray's Arithmetic
    Part of the Eclectic Education Series

Ray's Math Series

  • A Complete K-12 math curriculum, from counting to calculus.

    The Ray's math series begins at a preliterate level with counting; then takes the child through addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and so upward until calculus, teaching concepts with thorough explanations followed by ample problem sets. The Ray's series provides a very full-bodied course of mathematics.

  • America's standard math text for over 50 years.

    Ray's Arithmetics were endorsed by over 10,000 school boards, and over 100 million copies of the books have been estimated to be sold. When you remember that each of these books was often re-used by many different children, the number of students educated with the Ray's series becomes even more impressive!

  • The  Ray's CD is a complete collection of the Ray's Arithmetic textbooks.

    The Ray's series includes a total of 38 books. These include the 12 core Textbooks, + Answer Key's, Teachers Editions, and more advanced books covering subjects such as Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Click here to view a list of the entire collection of Rays' Arithmetic provided on the CD.

  • View or print the books on any computer.

    The Ray's CD is designed to be a printing curriculum. The books are provided in PDF format, and can be viewed or printed from any type of computer. In case of torn or damaged pages, the books are easily reprinted. This also allows for easy use over multiple children.

  • “What makes the Ray's Arithmetic a good math curriculum, and why is it a good choice for my children?” 

    Ray's Arithmetics are unique math books in many ways. The most major difference, and first thing people often notice when looking at a Ray's math book, is the abundance of word problems. Even many of the simple problems of addition are given a story setting. There are three interesting effects of this method:

By solving problems given in a real-life setting, children are shown how the principles of math they are learning are used in the world. This is incredibly helpful, especially to young children, who often struggle to bring the abstract ideas of mathematics into terms they understand.

Real world, applied mathematics.
By providing plentiful and intriguing word problems, Ray's Arithmetic enables children to bridge the gap between abstract math and the real world.” -12 year homeschool veteran

Giving math problems in a worded, story format allowed Joseph Ray to include educational information from other areas like history directly into the mathematical problems! Consider these problems taken directly from Ray's Practical Arithmetic: 24.“General Washington was born A.D. 1732, and lived 67 years: in what year did he die?” 25. “Alfred the Great died A.D. 901; thence to the signing of Magna Charta was 314 years; thence to the American Revolution, 560 years: in what year did the American Revolution begin?”

The final and perhaps the most intriguing reason why Ray's methodology works so well is that by becoming accustomed to solving word problems from an early age, the student learns naturally how to deconstruct a complicated problem into its more simple parts. By learning this important skill it becomes much easier for the child to adjust later in life to the complex problems of higher levels of mathematics and science.

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  • Is it difficult to teach the Ray's Arithmetic?”

    The Ray's Arithmetic series was originally created to be used by frontier Americans, people that often lived in areas where available teachers were few, often far away, or even completely unavailable. For this reason the books are designed to allow children, once they can read, to educate themselves to a very great extent.
"The books are logically organized... concepts are built one upon another. This makes it very easy for students to transition to different thought processes as they mature. I have never seen another math curriculum like this." -Homeschool Mom of four 

Every concept is carefully explained, and all of the subjects follow one after another in a very logical progression, so that the child is never asked to work a type of problem which has not yet been discussed. The Ray's Arithmetic is uniquely qualified for just such situations as today's Homeschool movement.

The entire collection of Ray's Arithmetic is now available on CD for only $59, less than the cost of an average textbook--- and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If unhappy just return within 30 day's, and we will immediately give you a full refund. 

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 Yes! I would like to order the complete Ray's Arithmetic Series of 38 books on CD for only $59.00!

Ray's Arithmetic is part of the Eclectic Education Series. The complete selection of books from this series is now available, including books on every subject; Reading, Grammar, Science, Math, History, and more. Learn more about this series by clicking here. Purchase the entire series and save $56!

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"Thank you again for my order.... This is a treasure and I'm glad you are keeping it alive and sharing it."

“By the time a student finishes the Practical Arithmetic book, he/she would be ready to get a job and understand basic financial concepts (not that I expect my 12 year old to go to work, but they could help with the family business and family finances with ease)”
~ Mandi Aumann


Thanks for your help and support.  My children love to do Ray's Arithmetic.  I believe it makes math fun!  Of course, I love math so I am biased.



“Because of your work on the Ray’s CDs, we were able to make our decision to use Ray’s as our math curriculum. Thank you for your time that you have already put into these wonderful, rich programs. We also are using the Robinson Curriculum and are enjoying that as well. “
In Christ,
~Josh and Heather

“Excellent product! Your customer service is also Excellent! Thank You. “

"As a former math teacher at a classical and Christian school, where we used another popular modern math curriculum, we have chosen to use Ray's for the homeschooling of our four children.  Our use during the last four years has proven that Ray's Arithmetic does what a good math program should do; build mastery of mathematical skills and help students to think mathematically (not just memorizing rules or recipes for solving problems).  It does this through focused incremental practice of skills and a variety of practical word problems.  I give it my highest recommendation."

Robert (& Elisabeth) Terry

I bought Sherry Hayes ebook recently and just loved all the practical advice on how to use these materials.  It has given me the confidence to use the entire curriculum.  What a wonderful resource!


"We love the Ray's Arithmetic series  because it provides such a great value!  With heavy use of word problems and "real world" math, and progressing logically from concrete to abstract, this series coversK-8th grades for less than what most programs cost for a single grade."
~Rachel Ramey, homeschooling mother of 3, and more to come!  
"Over the last 23 years of actual homeschooling experience I have tried just about every curriculum and method available, from textbooks to unit studies to Charlotte Mason to the unschooling methodology…. Today, not only the McGuffey Readers Series, but just about every primary subject in our homeschooling is based on or benefited by these dear old volumes and the time-honored practices they promote."
 ~ Sherry Hayes, homeschool mother of 15 children.
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