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10 reasons why you should be using the McGuffey Readers, Ray’s Arithmetic’s, and the rest of the Eclectic Education Series (EES). 

1.   Christian: The EES was created by Christian authors with educational goals formed by Biblical motives. 


2.   Effective: Proven by more than a century of continued use from when they were first published to the present day, the EES formed the foundation of education in America during the Industrial Revolution. 


3.   Timeless: 2+2 always equal four; and the disciplines taught in Ray’s Arithmetic’s and the rest of the EES still hold true today. 


4.   Simple: All of the EES books are carefully organized, with thorough explanations, questions for review, and numbered paragraphs for quick and easy reference. Teacher manuals for the use of the EES and aids for organization and teaching are included. 


5.   Flexible:  The EES can be used as printed materials, viewed on the computer, or even uploaded to an e-reader. 


6.   Lasting: It’s easy to re-use the books across multiple children. The books are in digital format, and that means they never wear out. 


7.   Expansive: The K-12 program provided by the EES books covers a wide variety of subjects presented by the best authors in their fields, and is sure to spark curiosity, interest and excitement. Learning is a wonderful thing! 


8.   But not Expensive: The complete EES including education materials for the entire K-12 is now available. All 140 books cost only as much as one or two modern textbooks--- just $159, just one time. There are no hidden fees, and if you buy soon, we are currently offering free shipping for all orders. 


9.   No Risk: Our number one goal is to aid you in your homeschooling efforts by providing one of the best educational curriculums available at a fraction of the cost of anything else. When you purchase the Eclectic Education Series you are purchasing a license for your whole family. You can print out as much or as little of the contents of the books as you want; and if you ever lose or damage any of the DVD’s, just contact us and we will send you a replacement at no charge above shipping. 


10. No Risk! We think you will love these books and the stellar education they provide. However, if for any reason you decide that you are not 100% satisfied upon reviewing the Eclectic Education Series, we provide a 30 day, no questions asked, all your money back return policy. 

The entire Eclectic Education Series, including
Ray's Arithmetic, Science, History, Grammar, and  McGuffey's Readers is now available on CD for only $159--- $56 dollars less than buying separately! And your satisfaction is guaranteed. If unhappy just return within 30 day's, and we will immediately give you a full refund. For a limited time we are offering FREE priority shipping!

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“Thank you again for my order.... This is a treasure and I'm glad you are keeping it alive and sharing it.”

“By the time a student finishes the Practical Arithmetic book, he/she would be ready to get a job and understand basic financial concepts (not that I expect my 12 year old to go to work, but they could help with the family business and family finances with ease)”

Mandi Aumann


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